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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I allowed to participate and invest?

Everyone is welcome to join. We do not request any personal information from our investors to protect their privacy so therefore, for so long as you use any of our accepted deposit methods then you are fully qualified to participate and make money with our company.

2. Sounds good to me. Tell me if I can withdraw to another processor other than the one I used to deposit?

All of your transactions are handled separately. This means that since we accept multiple deposits, each deposit you make using a specific payment processor will return the same payment processor funds to your Axozoil.com account balance.

Your account balance with Axozoil.com is divided into different payment processor types. Each e-currency funds balance is on its own fund type in your account.

3. Is there a limit to the number and amount of deposits I can make?

As a matter of fact, there is no limit to the deposit transactions you can make within our website. The $100000.00 amount limit is on a per transaction basis. FYI, you can make as many transactions as you wish per day.

4. What are the payment methods you accept right now?

Axozoil.com Limited currently only accepts PerfectMoney, Bitcoin Payeer Dogecoin Dashcoin Litecoin Ethereum BitoinCash. Due to the speed of transactions we do, we cannot accept bank wire deposits for typical deposit amounts.

5. Are the deposits insured?

Just like any investment form, there is no insurance for the deposits investors make. If this was the case then we would not have the need to find investors for our company. We will just simply file loan applications through banks and everything would have been quite easy. This is not the way we work.

6. How much time is needed for my deposit to reflect in my account?

The deposit you make to any plan should be added and reflected instantaneously to your account history on our website. Should the deposit not appear within a few minutes from the time you have made the transfer and completed the deposit process, then contact our support team to assist you. Please include the necessary details to track your transactions to assist you faster.

7. How long will it take for my withdrawal to get processed?

When you submit for a withdrawal request from your account, you will get your amount instantly to your payment processor account. Please make sure that your payout details is correct. If you submitted a withdrawal when your payment processor information in your account is incorrect, we shall be waived of any responsibilities and liabilities when this transaction is processed to your incorrectly filled account details.

If the payout account details is left blank, our staff will contact you for your correct payout account. In most cases though, we will just grab your deposit account details and pay you to that account, although this is not always the case.

8. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can withdraw from account?

We do not limit the amount of withdrawals. The only restriction exists in payment processors. If you use Perfect Money, Payeer $0.02 and for bitcoin starts from $1.50 and for litecoin dogecoin ethereum and other alts starts from $0.20.

9. How much can I make if I am an active marketer?

Our affiliate program currently pays 5-10% referral commission to the successful deposits of your referrals. This applies only to referrers with active deposits in our company. Please also note that we only pay you for your direct referral deposits.

10. Does this mean that if I do not have a current active deposit then I won't earn commission?

If you dont have active deposit you dont need to be worry. you will still earn your refferal commision.

11. Are the statistics published on your website, updated in real time and accurate?

Yes! All of our statistics as published are updated in real time. Whenever you load a page, the statistics are accurate up to the second you open our webpage.

12. I sent a support ticket and have not received a response yet. How long should I wait before receiving a reply?

We apologize in advance for some delays that may happen when you send us a support ticket. Our support staffs are working hard to provide the best and quality customer support service that you deserve. Delays may be experienced when your ticket is either filtered by our spam filters or when your ticket was overlooked. Please do not hesitate to contact us again when you do not receive a response within 36 hours.

13. Is your website DDOS Protected?

Our website is hosted on a very powerful and custom spec'd dedicated server by DDoS-Guard. The DDOS Protection we are subscribed in is set at a level where most other providers have not even tapped. Your experience with our website will be a smooth one.

14. I cannot login, what should I do?

Please make sure that you are entering the correct account credentials when trying to login. If you are having trouble logging in, please reset your password or contact customer support. Expect some interrogations before access is granted to you when you request it through our customer support representatives.

15. I was referred by a friend but it appears that I am not under him. What should I do?

If you signed up under individuals and not under monitoring companies, and you are incorrectly placed under a different upline or a blank upline, then you can request to be moved under that individual. Please note that we will not move you or transfer you under RCB monitors when you already have made a deposit. All signups are final and cannot be deleted, even if requested by the user.

16. Can I change my account details?

Due to security reasons, we will disable editing of account profiles, especially your payout details and your e-mail address. Please make sure that you have written down your login information and properly filled out the registration form when you registered. If you need to fill your account details (Payout accounts), then contact support.

17. What are monitors? Am I obliged to rate you on these monitors?

We are not obligating anyone to rate us on the monitors but our company appreciates your business and also appreciates your impressions towards the services we provide. If you can spare a few moments of your time daily to rate us on the monitors, we will highly appreciate this effort and will effect us in such a way that we improve our services even better.

18. Are there things that I should avoid doing?

Please be advised that should you experience some trouble with your account such as, withdrawal taking longer time to process, no response from support, and or any other problem you may encounter with our company, you are required to contact us and give us some time to look into your case. Failure to be patient and quickly resourcing into public posting of the issue could cause a blockage of your account with us. This means your account will be frozen and all your funds may be lost.

19. Am I allowed to make multiple accounts for whatever purpose?

Unfortunately, you cannot do this. You can make multiple deposits through a single account so there is no need for you to create multiple accounts. If you are trying to refer someone and you will be using the same computer, please contact us first.

20. Will you be offering new plans in the future?

Since the market can be very volatile, we may or we may not need to modify the plans we offer to our clientele. We can foresee our company using the same plans for the next years to come.

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